Discovering two engineering schools: a field trip to Metz

Suite à la visites des écoles d'ingénieur de Metz les élèves ont rédigé un compte rendu de leur journée en anglais. Voici quelques exemples.


Baptiste's point of view

On the 29th of January, both PTSIA and PTSIB took a field trip to Metz to visit two engineering schools: the ENIM and the ENSAM.


Picking the right school that could meet our expectations is not something easy, and that’s why our teachers decided to make us visit these schools.


We woke up early in the morning (5am) to take the bus at 6:45am. Everyone was sleeping in the bus when a man stood up. Nobody knew who he was until he took a microphone and started to introduce himself. He was a retired engineer who had graduated from the ENSAM. He explained that he was a member of an alumni association which decided to finance the visit of the ENSAM. Then he told us what he did during his active life and which companies he used to work for.


Once at the ENIM, we were divided into groups, and each group was led by an ENIM student. The content of the visit was rich enough to figure out the ENIM works: explanations about the administration, about the social life of the school, and a visit to the workshops, where students learn the real work of an engineer.


At the ENSAM, the main difference was that students presented the subjects they were studying, which was pretty amazing. I found the ENSAM visit more interesting, as the ENSAM has more impressive machines. ENSAM students also learn more universal methods to do things. It was really enjoyable.


What I consider the most important after this visit, is my new awareness of what engineering schools are, and of what they can offer in terms of knowledge and environment. It is essential to take time to visit each school individually, in order to understand their modus operandi

Yassine: A field trip to the Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Metz

On Friday, January 30, 2016, I had the opportunity to visit the Arts et Métiers ParisTech engineering school in Metz with my class. This school is one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France and also the school where I would like to study after these two years of classes préparatoires.


There are actually multiple campuses of “Arts et Métiers” in France, each one offering a different specialization. Before this school trip, my dream was to get into a different Arts et Métiers campus – simply because I don’t really like the weather in Metz – but after this excursion, I started to see the weather there as an unimportant disadvantage and my goal completely changed.


Why? Mostly because I have always dreamt about studying for at least one year in the United States, and I discovered that the Arts et Métiers ParisTech has a graduate program partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) which could enable me to study for one year in Atlanta in order to obtain a dual degree, both American and French.

In addition to this field trip being a great opportunity to have a good time with my classmates and my teachers, it also strengthened my motivation.


Motivation is the fuel of everything you do in CPGE: the more motivated you are, the better you will do in competitive exams. It is not always easy to find motivation but when you see that some people who followed the same path you are on have been able to make their dream come true, it shows you that yes, it is possible, and that success always comes after struggle. 

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